Chastity Squeak is a revolutionary libido cessation device, developed to help rid you of unwanted sexual arousal.


    -No more sleeping with people you don’t

          even know!

    -No more jail sentences for statutory rape!

    -No more unsightly erections and wet spots

          in public!

    -No more knots in your stomach because

          you want to f__k people who would

          never f__k you in a million years!

    -No more relationships founded on sexual



Now you can be free of sexual arousal with Chastity Squeak!

A Cornucopia







Of Abstinence

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What people are saying about Chastity Squeak


"Chastity Squeak saved my marriage!"

          -Dean, Oaklahoma City


"I haven't touched a prostitute in a week...Thanks Chastity Squeak!"

          -William, Gainsville


"WTF, this is stupid and racist!"

          -Dianne, Redding


"Since I got Chastity Squeak, I don't have to disappoint my wife, anymore."

          -Bernard, Las Vegas


"I can make it squeak by doing Kegels"

          -Anna-Louise, Bridgeport


"No more premature orgasms since I started using Chastity Squeak."

          -Sally, Philly


"Combined with hypnotherapy, it really works!"

          -John, Bismark


"Why would anyone want this?"

          -Daniel, Jackson


"A monk asked Master Yün-men, 'What is Buddha?'  Yün-men said, 'Dried shitstick.'

          -Larry, Baltimore


"That didn't work at all..."

          -Lily, Shreveport

* despite any intentionally misleading claims made on this website or in video promotional material, no warranties are expressed or implied.  You should never trust people who you don't know, even when they're selling perfectly legitimate libido cessation devices.